To enable the Skyat/spell checker plugin for Sage CRM editors you must change the default CKeditor configuration file.

This file is called config.js and it is found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM_INSTALL\WWWRoot\ckeditor

Add the following lines:

1. config.scayt_autoStartup = true;

2. add 'SpellChecker' and 'Scayt' to the items property on any of the existing toolbars;

toolbar without spell checker

If you get "database is in use" message while restoring a Sage CRM database use these commands:

Before restore

use master
alter database DB_NAME set offline with rollback immediate;

After restore is complete

alter database DB_NAME set online with rollback immediate;

One of the challenges you come across when building installable add-ons for Sage CRM is running the ES customization scripts. There are ways to run these scripts without the component manager by calling them directly from your installer using Sage CRM dlls. If you are looking for such a solution or need a complete installer for your Sage CRM add-on, then drop us an email at info[at] or use this contact form.